10 tips for a stylish bath

Bathrooms may serve a very necessary and practical function in your customers' daily lives, but there’s no reason why they can’t also be luxurious spaces to renew and inspire! Today’s most sought-after trends are all about creating a bathroom that is stylish and luxurious, and the bath industry has responded in force with fixtures, finishes and furnishings to help showrooms, dealers and designers do just that.

1 Up on the wall

It’s always a good idea to maximize space in the bathroom. ICERA’s wall-hung toilet line offers a space-saving way to combine form and function. The Clarity model can be paired with an in-wall tank system for a clean, minimalist look. With a flexible installation height, slow-close hinges and concealed bolt holes, the Clarity is the perfect choice for a sophisticated modern bathroom.

2 Chic accessible design 

The rising popularity is living with more than one generation in their household and accessible design is a must-have for their bathrooms. But just because it needs to be functional doesn’t mean it can’t be beautiful. Case in point - MTI Baths new Integrated Deck Solutions, or “IDS” Option for short, comes in. It can be applied to any of MTI Baths’ 20+ freestanding Boutique tubs that have a flat lip at the top of the tub. IDS also offers a modern installation alternative to freestanding, drop-in, undermount and alcove. The tub and deck are seamlessly integrated, eliminating the need for additional material such as granite or marble.

3 Luxury accessories

Good accessories are always on-trend, and that holds especially true in the bathroom. The Tombolo bath rack from Victoria + Albert lets your client keep essentials close at hand while soaking in the tub. Now available in a new white laminate finish, this contemporary piece is the ultimate accessory for relaxation. It actually holds two glasses of wine and does double-duty with a built-in towel bar and handy ledge.  


4 Warm and toasty

We love, love, love this trend! Heated towel racks are rapidly growing in popularity, but this little beauty is taking things to a whole new level. The Heated Washstand from The Sterlingham Company Ltd. combines the style of a sink and the luxury of a towel warmer.  The artisan-quality stand is energy efficient and offers a gorgeous English Edwardian style. It’s crafted from solid brass and available in a variety of styles, sizes, foot styles and finishes.

5 Clean lines

Unsightly shower drains are a trend bummer. Happily, the award-winning WallDrain from QuickDrain USA is nearly invisible with an ingenious design that is engineered to sit flush along the wall. WallDrain uses the company’s patented Sure Flow System to ensure efficient drainage and easy installation. Available in custom sizes and lengths, the drain can be perfectly adjusted to fit the thickness of ceramic tile or stone, resulting in a completely seamless appearance.

6 Bringing the outside in

Designed by Antonio Pascale, the Ergo Collection from Galassia shows how modern life can be linked to nature. Ergo offers a full line of bath essentials including sinks, toilets, furniture, mirrors, and coordinating. Shown here is Ergo Structure made of solid Iroko - sometimes referred to as African Teak set with the pure, white Ergo 7102 washbasin. Crafted from Galassia’s natural raw materials, using traditional craftsmanship the washbasin is a rimless ceramic top with an integrated sink.

7 Glimmering gold

Glamourous gold is back in vogue in a whole new way. The on-trend look is classic and rich with a softer finish than its brassy cousin from the 1980’s. Fashion-forward Atlas Homewares has picked up this emerging trend with a gorgeous new French Gold Finish for their decorative hardware lines. Available on styles ranging from modern to tradition, this new finish is the perfect way to bring a golden glow to the bathroom.

8 Hooks and knobs

We adore the BOTERO bath knobs by Du Verre Hardware. Beautiful in their own right with sensuous modern curves, these knobs also make great wall hooks – perfect for hanging up towels or bathrobes. The double function helps create a cohesive look in the bathroom that is subtle and inviting. Part of a collaboration between Du Verre and renowned designer William Harvey, the BOTERO collection is crafted entirely from eco-friendly recycled aluminum.  

9 Out-of-the-ordinary fixtures

Plumbing fixtures are a great opportunity to show off some style in the bathroom. Take the Apogee Bath Faucet by Lenova, for example. With its distinctive lines and sculpture-like silhouette, it would look perfectly at home in any urban art gallery. Look for fixtures that have unusual shapes and pleasing profiles to add a punch of unexpected style. 

10 Counter intelligence

Guildstone countertops from The Furniture Guild are a smart and stylish choice because of their customization options. Today’s trends are focused on creating something that works for each particular space – and that’s what Guildstone counters and integrated sinks are all about. Choose your length, edge thickness, sink shape and placement, finish, faucet holes, overhang and more. Guildstone sinks are made to order to fit the company’s vanities, so the design possibilities are nearly endless.

These are just a few of the ideas and resources available to help your customers create their own version of “the perfect bathroom.” As a member of the bath industry, it’s important to stay on top of trends so you can provide the most helpful advice to your customers, as well as a comprehensive design experience. Be the “go-to” resource for the latest trends – it's great for your customers and business.

To learn more about these stylish products, visit:

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