American Valve celebrates 115 years in business

American Valve is proud to be a part of the remembrance and honor of the 9/11 Memorial. Their 4000D ball valves are used in the Memorial’s twin reflecting pools, which feature the largest man-made waterfalls in the North America. In addition, their P200U ball valves have helped produce over 1.5 million gallons of safe water for the Sancti Spiritus Presbyterian Church of Cuba and the surrounding community. American Valve has supplied Living Waters for the World with valves and unions for over 750 of these water treatment facilities in 25 countries worldwide. Also, the American Valve M100 Ball Valve continues to provide years of service at Harry S. Truman Memorial veterans hospital. 

I spoke with American Valve’s President/CEO Seth Guterman about this most momentous occasion below: 

DG: What does this anniversary mean to you? 

SG: We still sell some of the same items my great-grandfather introduced over 100 years ago.  I use my grandfather’s desk in my office.  My father still checks in on us from time to time.  I am surrounded by constant reminders of our company history.

DG: Looking back at the history, which highlight sticks out to you the most? 

SG: In 1958 my great uncle wrote a letter to then Senator John F. Kennedy lamenting foreign competition from low cost suppliers in Europe.  Senator Kennedy’s response illustrates our long-running national debate about trade policy and domestic manufacturing. 

DG: What can people expect for the future of American Valve? 

SG: At American Valve we have the luxury of taking a long view approach to growth and expansion.  We have no outside shareholders or foreign parent companies appease.  We will continue to do what we’ve always done:  Listen to our customers and build dependable products that last for many years.

DG: How is American Valve celebrating this milestone? 

SG: We will celebrate this milestone anniversary with a special event at our company party in December.

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