Deacon Begins Stocking Aquatherm Products

Mike Wokulich, Account Executive for Deacon, will assist the training and certification of installers with the incoming Aquatherm product lines.

Deacon Industrial Supply Company, Inc. is now stocking the Aquatherm Product line. To help with the transition, Deacon’s Account Executive Mike Wokulich will help with the training and certifying installers in socket, electro, and butt fusion.

Aquatherm is a 40-year-old, German engineered product that’s used in domestic water, compressed air, glycol, and a variety of other piping applications.  Additional strengths include: its efficiency and sustainability characteristics, leak-free connections, resistance to scale and minimum 60-year life expectancy. This piping system is a solution to many of problems associated with metallic piping systems.  The building facilities concern for long-term maintenance and repair costs are significantly reduced.

Deacon Industrial Supply Company has specialized in the distribution of pipe, valves, fittings and many other related products and services across the Mid-Atlantic Region.  Founded in 1963 on providing its customers with “sudden service,” Deacon Industrial has since developed experienced personnel, a large inventory and great service offerings. 


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