Fortiline Waterworks Donates to Water the World

Money will help construct water filtration facility in Haiti.

Fortiline Waterworks and Water the World, an international aid organization, have partnered to begin constructing a water filtration facility in Cange, Haiti to provide clean water to thousands throughout the country’s Central Plateau region.

Water the World focuses on providing mobile, solar-powered irrigation systems to streamline the agriculture process as well as provide clean drinking-water filtration systems to villages in developing nations.

Fortiline has made a sizeable donation to Water the World in order to aid those affected by the on-going water crisis. Shortly after signing a donation agreement with Fortiline, Brandon Holder, founder and CEO of Water the World Foundation and his team were able to purchase 132 five-gallon buckets; 27 55-gallon barrels; and 120 water filters to set up the facility in Cange. Additionally, Fortiline’s donation allowed Water the World to secure and rehab a donated facility, which houses all of the filter barrels and a 3,000-gallon tank underneath the facility that collects and stores rainwater during the rainy seasons.

“Our facility can filter about 1,000 gallons of water in under half an hour, providing water that is 99.997 percent free of bacteria, cysts, microbes, and protozoa,” Holder said. “This facility will give clean water to thousands in need across the region and will provide jobs to villagers who are filtering and delivering the water.”

“We were very impressed with Water the World’s mission and we wanted to be a part of it,” said Cathy Hein, marketing director, Fortiline. “We hope that with Fortiline’s donation, Water the World can continue to grow and ‘dig deeper’ as they provide aid and solutions to the world water crisis.”   

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