How to keep going when the going is tough

Life can be tough at times. Any successful business person knows that. It can sometimes get really draining and sometimes we don't know how to move forward.

If you've ever had some of those times that are very tough and you wonder how to keep going I want to share some thoughts with you that have helped me and others.

You might have heard the old saying, “When the going gets tough, the tough get going.” This has been attributed to both Joseph Kennedy, father of President John F. Kennedy, and to American football player Knute Rockne. Whoever said it, I think it's a good idea. Billy Ocean even had a hit song with this title back in the 80s.

There are those that cynically say,"Wait a minute. Does this mean that the tough only get going when the going is tough?” No, I think that people who succeed (meaning "the tough”) are the ones who were always “going.” Those who succeed are continually doing the right activities based on the right thinking patterns and they succeed because of their mental and physical toughness.

Here's some pointers that can help you so that you are ready to move forward whatever comes along.

• Be prepared. This adage, which is a model of the Boy Scouts, is very important to succeed. I would also further say that we need to constantly be in a state of preparing. I've found many times in my life that the greatest challenges come when I sit back and take it easy thinking, “WOW! I've done a great job and I can rest on my laurels.” Instead, successful people know that they must constantly prepare by looking at what the environment is today versus what it was like before. They read, they learn new material, they continually find ways to better themselves. This is the best form of preparation.

• Make training like the real world. The Russians have a saying, “ Тяжело в обучении, легко в бою.” which means “Hard in training, easy in battle.” This reminds me of what U.S. Navy SEAL team 6 founder, Richard Marcinko, has said."The more you sweat in training, the less you bleed in battle.” Make your simulations and training as much like the real world as possible —- or even tougher! The tougher you are from your rigorous and disciplined training the better you'll be able to face whatever life throws at you.

• Focus on what matters. Have you heard of that thing called the Internet? That thing called Facebook? Well, those two wonderful distractions can eat up to gobs of your time and take you away from what's most important. Don't get me wrong. I use the Internet and Facebook extensively for business like many do. However, it is easy to lose focus on what matters most. One of the best ways that you can keep going when things are tough is to focus on the most important task at hand. Always ask yourself the question "Is this the most important thing for me to do right now?”

• Keep your goal in sight. It was the philosopher Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche who said, “Develop your why & you can bear almost any how.” A worthwhile goal serves as the fuel that you need to drive your engine toward success. Don't ever forget that. Keep your goal vividly in mind and focus on the activities and accomplishments which move you forward.

• Get the right people around you. Associate with people who will inspire you and educate you. Sometimes these people also can frustrate you when they bring out areas of your life that need to be improved. That’s alright. Today we can build alliances with key supporters around the world through regular video connections. Make it your goal to have the right people, and avoid the wrong people in your life.

You don't have to give up with the going gets tough. It will get tough. By embracing these success principles you can do more than just “get going.” You can succeed!

Terry Brock gives real-world, practical tips on how to generate revenue and increase productivity. He works with businesses from sole proprietors to Fortune 10 companies, teaching them how to use social media, technology and plain ol' stuff that works. He's the co-author of the McGraw-HIll best-seller “Klout Matters” on social media. Brock is an international Speaker Hall of Fame member and sports a very good haircut! You can reach him at 407-363-0505 and

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