Keys to a 30-Year Success

Strong relationships and a driven, dedicated staff lead this company to continued success. 

According to Founder and CEO John D’Angelo, DANGELO Co.  represents all the major waterworks and fire protection product manufacturers.  “We constantly strive to form a win-win relationship with each of our loyal vendors in all of our daily business dealings.  Developing strong vendor relationships is among the highest key factors directly contributing to DANGELO’s success.  DANGELO Co.  prides itself for developing strong and lasting relationships among its business partners.”  

One business partnership that has remained strong since DANGELO’s beginning is the relationship that formed between Bob Cooper, president of Smith-Cooper International (SCI) and John D’Angelo.  It has spanned the entire time period since both businesses began.  Both companies have shared product success over the 30-year period.  “Smith-Cooper has proven to be one of the best vendors among the ones it represents and it’s proven every day through our daily dealings with them.  From order entry through to the shipping of material, the Pro-Pack packaging concept, its delivery methods and product offering is next to none.  SCI’s corporate office and 150,000-square- foot facility is just minutes away from DANGELO.  Having one of the most comprehensive inventories in the country in our backyard has been instrumental in supporting our weekly and same-day will call orders.  In fact, it’s common for our trucks to pick up material and deliver it directly to our contractor’s job sites.  With an inventory as complete as Smith-Cooper’s, we like to think of it as our extended inventory.”             
DANGELO Co.  only purchases brand-traceable products.  These materials most often lead to higher pricing, but the upside is that it does not encounter product issues.  Should any potentially negative product issue arise, DANGELO, along with its supplier partner, will work effortlessly toward a prompt and amicable resolution.

“Smith-Cooper was the first to develop and import its own brand of pipe fittings, which is what attracted me to them to begin with.  Today, many believe that Smith-Cooper International legitimized import pipe fittings in the PVF industry.  With the <SCI> brand, it added another level of recognized quality with “traceability” that can be trusted.  Others try, but there is no other import company with the same level of commitment to quality, product range and logistics, right down to its superior “Pro Pack” packaging.  Over the years, I’m proud to say that I helped Smith-Cooper expand its offering with my own recommendations, advice and market intelligence.  This speaks to the 30-year relationship, along with mutual trust I have with Bob Cooper.”  

DANGELO operates two large distribution centers; one located in Northern Orange County, California and the other in the Inland Empire, approximately 60 miles east.  It is known for stocking large material inventories at both facilities.  This allows the company the ability to ship 95 percent of its orders from stock and deliver within 24 hours anywhere within its service region.  To help accomplish that, DANGELO operates a large fleet of bobtail trucks and tractor-trailers with knowledgeable, highly qualified drivers.

DANGELO’s headquarters facility was designed and built by its owner, John D’Angelo.  It offers the employees well-designed office spaces as well as a clean, efficient warehouse and yard layout.  The warehouse was constructed with a state-of-the-art forklift guidance system installed in its concrete floors.  This location is also fitted with a pneumatic tube system, which conveys orders and speeds cash-handling to the upper level accounting office. 

The company owns its facilities, all equipment, systems and rolling stock as it does not subscribe to the lease concept.  Because its business does not rely on banks for daily operations, it has greater financial flexibility.  This allows it to afford its business partners very competitive pricing along with superior products and outstanding service.      

DANGELO currently employs more than 40 people focusing on the waterworks and fire protection markets.  Its success is also driven by having very knowledgeable and dedicated employees on staff.  All DANGELO employees “fit the mold” for honesty and integrity.  Each of them enters the business world each day with enthusiasm and a great attitude toward the customer.  This helps DANGELO retain current business, and great attitudes gain new customers. 

With an eye on the future, DANGELO is consistently upgrading its telecommunications infrastructure, which allows it to keep pace in a growing U.S.  economy.  As it enters its next period of growth, it will be expanding its IT systems to keep pace with accelerated IT changes, technology and modernization.  The key relationships DANGELO has formed with its long-time business partners will continue to reinforce its strong presence in the PVF industry. 

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