Modine's 2017 Innovation Tour Travels East

The Modine 21017 Innovation Tour Truck will be making stops in Pennsylvania, Canada, Illinois and Wisconsin over the next two months.

Modine’s 2017 Innovation Tour is making its way from the west, to the east and also north of the border. Touring through the Pennsylvania, Canada, Kentucky, Illinois and Wisconsin, the tour features professional development seminars. The tour also showcases the latest products in the HVAC industry such as: the new high efficiency residential geothermal unit, commercial rooftop HVAC units, Modine's unit heater and infrared heater lines.

So far, the 2017 Innovation Tour has stopped in Las Vegas, the greater Los Angeles area, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Georgia and Florida.

Upcoming stops during May and June include:

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on May 4

Eastern Canada, May 8-14

Florence, Kentucky on May 23

Rockford, Illinois on June 6

Rosemont, Illinois on June 7

Green Bay, Wisconsin on June 8

The 2017 Innovation Tour will have professional development seminars designed by the Modine HVAC engineering team and the Milwaukee School of Engineering on various HVAC technologies.

To view the list of seminars being hosted on the Innovation Tour, and some more products attendees can see, visit .

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