New, Smaller Airstage VRF System Announced by Fujitsu General

The J-Series Airstage VRF line’s J-IIS avails variable refrigerant flow technology is for smaller residential, multi-housing and light commercial uses with equipment. It is available in three- and four-ton sizes. 

The shorter height of the system provides easy installation in smaller spaces, or when condensing units are stacked vertically.

Both J-II and J-IIS equipment are single phase Airstage VRF products. Both are designed for superior energy efficiency and provide year-round comfort. Also, both are used in the same applications and with the same types of controls. 

The J-Series VRF systems offer up to 19.8 SEER and 11.4 HSPF.

Installers can connect up to eight indoor units to each condensing unit and choose from 11 indoor unit styles to create individually-zoned comfort for any size space or decor.  Indoor units range in size from 7 kBTU to 46 kBTU, the technology meets a broad range of design requirements and aesthetics. 

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Fujitsu General America
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