Sioux Chief’s New Headquarters to Use Solar Power, Recycle PVC​

The new, Kansas City headquarters for Sioux Chief Manufacturing will use solar energy sources and incorporate enhanced material-recycling capabilities.

The new 600,000 square-foot facility, which will include both production and office space, will feature multiple banks of roof-top solar energy panels.

“With that much roof space, utilizing solar panels to offset our energy needs was an easy decision” said Joe N. Ismert, president. “With the newly installed panels, we’ll be generating nearly half a megawatt of electricity.”

In addition, Sioux Chief recently purchased a recycling plant that will enable the recovery of 100 percent of the braided PVC tubing it extrudes during the startup and shutdown process, further evidence of their commitment to sustainable manufacturing.

“The amount generated during these processes is significant – being able to recycle this material will keep over 100 tons of material out of the landfills every year.” Ismert said. “We have always recycled materials and re-used them in products where it’s appropriate, but this plant gives us new capabilities for our extruded products.

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