Implements 10-Week Initiative on Company’s Core Values

Employees learned about wheelchair basketball with the Nassau Kings as a part of their 'Respect' initiative. is implementing a 10-week initiative based on the company's core values. From May 8 to July 10, each work week will include events and programs devoted to that week's core value.

The company's core values are:

  • flexibility
  • teamwork
  • education
  • respect
  • open mindedness
  • innovation
  • humility
  • a positive attitude

The company will be introducing two new values, giving back and perseverance, once the initiative begins. Descriptions of their current core values can be found here. has a unique culture that is defined by diversity, a positive attitude, and focus on innovation. The company's core values emphasize the type of environment they strive to create. With various programs planned for its 10-week initiative, employees will participate in team building, communication, skill sharing exercises and more. Some events include a department swap, a trip to a local rehab center, a potluck, speakers, company yoga, and volunteering!

"We started implementing our core values weeks three years ago to really emphasize the principles that serve as our company's cultural foundation" said Julie Costello, human resources associate. "Our unique culture here at SupplyHouse, is largely due to the fact that we all share the same values. While we each represent these values in our own unique ways, our core values weeks give us an opportunity to embrace them together as a team and remember what makes SupplyHouse such a special place to work. By the end of the core values weeks, I personally have a new appreciation for the values, my co-workers, and the company culture, and I like to think the same is felt across the company.




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