T&S Brass Increases Customer Support with Reorganized Plumbing Division

Commercial plumbing products manufacturer T&S Brass and Bronze Works reorganized and expanded its plumbing division in order to provide increased support to customers. Mike Donleavy joined T&S Brass in late 2016 as Eastern regional sales manager for plumbing, completing the team with sales managers Jon Gustafson and Eric Isenbarger.

In addition, two changes within T&S management provide additional support to sales managers and plumbing customers.

Zach Theisen was named director of key accounts for plumbing, where he works closely with several T&S customers to provide hands-on support and engagement. David Kachurak was named director of specification for plumbing, where he develops and enhances T&S product specifications to streamline and improve specifying for engineers, architects and owners.



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