2014 Digital Editions

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Chuck Allen, Executive Chairman of Sloan Valve, led the company to tremendous growth and continuous development.

Two members of the Kansas City Chamber of Commerce hold the ribbon for a ceremony opening the new headquarters of MKS Pipe & Valve Co.

Utah-based Mountainland Supply emphasizes a culture that is based on community rather than individuality — creating an extraordinary environment of selflessness, hard work, loyalty and trust.

Chicago Tube & Iron marked a century in business with a two-day celebration at its headquarters for employees, customers, vendors and friends

Incoming AIM/R President Steve Fleming of Reid Pacific discusses providing value, the big changes within the business world and changes within AIM/R that will help grow the industry

Mingledorff's Inc. is celebrating its 75th anniversary this year and hosted a huge celebration in Savannah for vendors, customers and employees.

Smith-Cooper International has been a major innovator in the industrial master distribution niche for more than 20 years, thanks to building nationwide relationships and developing global purchasing power.

In this issue we present our 2014 inductee into the PVF Hall of Fame, Lehman Pipe & Plumbing Supply.

Hands-on leadership and a reputation for service and reliability have helped Sandpiper Supply develop long-term relationships among customers and vendors.

V&W remains true to the traditions that ‘brought them to the dance,’ and maintains a laser-like focus on customer service.

Reliable Pipe’s owner Paula Mendell is talented and tough, with a charming sense of humor and enough moxie to tackle the tough challenges life has thrown at her.

With eight locations that serve rural markets in portions of five states in the Northern Rockies, Robertson Supply must be efficient and flexible.